Kaleidoscope Eyes

The Missoni brand is known for bold color palettes seemingly caught in a frozen firework of textures and patterns.

Geometrics, florals, stripes, abstracts, each Missoni print is designed to make a visually striking statement, in expressions of wearable and livable art.

Based in Varese, Italy, Missoni traces its roots to 1953, when Ottavio and Rosita Missoni decided to use a scarf machine to knit dresses instead. The light-as-air fabrics in candy-bright colors remain an editorial and fashion favorite, giving the brand an iconic stature in a land of fashion giants.

The Missoni palette has since expanded to decorative home furnishings and textiles, extending its kaleidoscope canvas to go beyond the sartorial sentence into an imperative of interior design.

The Fabric of Family

The vaunted house of Missoni, now in its 3rd generation, prides itself for weaving a pattern of success that is more about family and relationships as it is about business and fashion.

Ottavio and Rosita, along with their three children, are interwoven by the fine threads of familial bond. There is a pattern of warmth, whimsy and strength that surfaces from every Missoni print, a tight weave that is ever buoyant, resilient and full of spirit.

Indeed, it is this thread of family that renders the Missoni brand as unmistakable and vibrant; strands of various colors and characters woven together in a pattern that is bursting with life.

For this familial passion and love for quality craftsmanship and design, Century Properties is honored to partner with Missoni, creating the first and only Missoni-branded homes in the world.