In Pursuit of Highs

The Canopy fully articulates the Missoni ideal at Acqua Livingstone and sets the stage for a whole new pattern of life and leisure.

The lifestyle hub of Acqua Livingstone is named after the uppermost layer of a forest, formed by the crown of trees.

Perched atop Acqua Livingstone with sweeping vistas of the Pasig River and the Makati skyline, The Canopy is a split level complex built around a holistic view of human pursuits. Each aspect of the human existence is attended to in pleasing ways via activity hubs that span three different levels of The Canopy and provides the perfect venue for a textural approach to a lifestyle.

The lower level contains functions rooms, business centers, gyms, library, and other amenities that promote health, wellbeing, and cultural curiosity.

The upper level is a social space dedicated to interaction and entertainment. It houses an amphitheater, DJ booth and dance floor, pool, and BBQ facilities, ideal for parties and get-togethers.

Tying these two levels together is an organic wire-mesh tree that winds its way up and connects to the mezzanine floor, The Canopy’s crowning platform. Here, you can enjoy a meal in the open-air dining area or just pause and enjoy the sights on wooden observation decks.

Whether it’s basking in the morning sun over a cup of coffee or late night dinner with city lights, The Canopy’s mezzanine floor is a remarkable place to start or end the day.

The Canopy at Acqua Livingstone is the pinnacle of the Missoni-Acqua partnership fully realized; the highs of a true branded residential experience.

With its charismatic interiors and game-changing amenities, Acqua Livingstone interior design by MISSONIHOME, is more than just a residential building. It’s the heightened expression of a lifestyle.

*Artists Rendition