In Living Color

Drawing on a deeply hued story – from creating stylistic knitwear to designing Missoni-branded hotel interiors – Missoni interprets Acqua Livingstone in a refreshingly unique and visually delightful palette.

Each space is crafted to suit a variety of tastes. Missoni’s emphasis on playful designs and warm colors is especially suitable not only for the fashion forward urban citizen but for families both big and small; residents who understand that life is always better and more colorful when shared with those you love.

From the signature kinetic Missoni patterns to the bold yet thoughtful use of color, each amenity area becomes an amazing display of textures, hues, and compositions.

Each interior design below is designed to inspire* you as you consider how to decorate your future home.

Cool, calm, and collected

Vivid and sophisticated

Bright and Playful

Warm and inviting

*Artists Rendition